Slim Line Sensor

Maximizing Production. Lowering Costs

Our Slim Line Sensor is a submersible sensor that reports continuous pressure and temperature from the well downhole to the surface electronic controls. Most downhole sensors report data using an analog signal which can be unreliable and is susceptible to interference. The Slim Line Sensor uses proprietary digital transmission methods which deliver reliable, accurate data.

The data from the Slim Line Sensor allows well managers to improve production and efficiency which translates into time, energy and cost savings. The Slim Line Sensor can be used in combination with Pump-off Controllers to retrieve verifiable data of the current wellbore conditions.

  • With a diameter of less than 1″, the Henry Pump Slim Line Sensor bands directly to the tubing
  • Sensor cable can be flexible or TEC
Data Reliability
  • Continuously measure pressure and temperature of your downhole equipment
  • Data is run through a verification process that minimizes interference and ensures accuracy
  • Three Pressure Range Options for the Slim Line Sensor downhole instrument:
    • 0-500 PSI
    • 0-1000 PSI
    • 0-3000 PSI

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