Oilfield Max Water System

Optimal Flow. Maximum Efficiency

In today’s oilfield, longer laterals and larger fracs means an increased demand for water.

Our Oilfield Max Water System ensures producers are achieving continuous maximum water flow.

Proven Benefits and Efficiencies

  • Run efficiently 24/7
  • At least 20% energy savings
  • Expanded ‘Best Efficiency Point’ optimization
  • Reduces failures and well downtime
  • Extended motor run life and downhole equipment protection
  • Powerful well monitoring capabilities

Automatically adjusts to well conditions eliminating:

  • continuous user adjustment
  • costly flow rate testing

Elimination of throttling valve:

  • reduces electrical usage
  • increases motor efficiencies
  • increases production

Designed for growth:

  • Pumps can be sized to meet the need of future growth without changing downhole configurations

MAX Water | MAX Control | MAX Efficiency | MAX Life

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