Our History & Vision

Innovative products designed by producers for producers. We give you the tools managers need to make your field operations more efficient.

Our History

A 17-year-old boy on a fishing trip with his dad was where it all started.

Discussing the oil industry, pumpjacks and how oil and gas was produced, the teenager asked the ever crucial question: why? Then he proceeded to share his idea of a better way of retrieving oil and gas from wellbores.

The boy was David Henry, son of long-time West Texas oilman Jim Henry, and his idea was revolutionary.

The idea was the catalyst for Jim and David to found Henry Research and Development. The new company’s sole purpose was development of David’s plan for a rodless, positive displacement pump that would replace the traditional pumpjack.

Through the ensuing years of research and development, Jim and David saw opportunities to eliminate many inefficiencies in their own oil and gas production operations through Henry R&D’s sister company Henry Petroleum. They realized the oil and gas production industry hadn’t kept pace with technological advances and that with greater automation, many processes could be streamlined.

The close relationship between the two companies offered a unique advantage in product development in that products were designed and developed by oil producers for oil producers. Henry Petroleum’s many years of boots-on-the-ground experience in the industry gave invaluable insight into engineering state-of-the-art, cost-saving tools and products.

After two decades of research and development, David’s idea of a rod-less pump has come to fruition. The product, Henry Pump, is a game-changing innovation for the oil and gas industry.

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Our Vision

Henry Pump’s vision is to modernize and improve the industry using the most advanced technology possible. Our research and development team are creating hardware and software solutions that meet the demands of the ever changing oil industry.

Our Pipeline

At Henry Pump we are continuously researching, developing and testing new tools and products. Our pipeline of revolutionary products will bring far-reaching, game-changing innovations to the industry.

In the current commodity price environment, oil and gas operators are seeking technology to increase production while lowering costs.

Henry Pump answers that quest by delivering innovative products that continuously set new standards for the industry.

Learn how our latest innovation, the Henry Pump, is revolutionizing the energy industry.


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